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DUI Services

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In the state of Illinois, individuals arrested for driving under the influence of illegal substances require a mandated alcohol and drug evaluation. As a state-licensed provider, Rincon offers a bilingual and culturally relevant outpatient intervention programs for individuals that have court mandates. All DUI service fees are offered on a sliding scale that is based on DUI risk level and/or income.


These services include:

  • Risk reduction education

  • Moderate, significant, and high-risk outpatient treatment

  • Substance use evaluations

  • Assistance with Secretary of State Hearing Process


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Alive at 25

This Defensive Driving Course, developed by the National Safety Council, is mandatory for young adults 15 to 24 years of age old who have received a traffic violation. The course focuses on teaching drivers to assess their risk of being involved in a crash, as well as strategies for preventing accidents on the road by:

  • Teaching drivers how to take control of situations.

  • Helping drivers learn to take responsibility for their driving behavior. Helping young drivers develop strategies that will keep them safe on the road

Anger Management

Is your temper raging “out of control”?

Do small things set you off?

Do you react with sudden outbursts, flinging or insults?

We can help!

We provide services to those who have received a court mandated referral. Using psychoeducation to help participants understand the physiology as well as the psychology of anger, we teach individuals to identify, challenge, and refocus their anger into positive outcomes. By aiding clients to understand what anger is, we are able to provide coping skills to teach clients that it is not something to be feared, but a resource that can be controlled to prevent aggression and empower the client to make positive life choices.