As first responders, we continue offering our critical services, mainly focused on Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment, but in this unprecedented situation, we decided to go beyond and launched the Operation "Counting Lives, Saving Lives" which is a multi-faceted grassroots campaign premised on the values of self-determination, collaboration, and utilizing a hub and spoke model that seeks to address the needs of our community during this COVID-19 Health Pandemic.

What We Do

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What's new?

The Living Room Program

Your Safe Space in the Community

The Living Room Program is Rincon Family Services’ (RFS) new initiative to continue providing quality services to the residents of our communities. 

The Living Room is a community respite program that offers an alternative to Emergency Departments (ED) for people experiencing an emotional crisis. It aims to provide a comfortable and safe, non-clinical space to adults, 18 years old and over, that are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Illinois Latino COVID-19 Initiative

April 15, 2020 - As an organization that is at the forefront of serving our community in the area of public health (substance use and mental health) and one that is grounded in servant leadership, Rincon Family Services stands shoulder to shoulder with other community stakeholders, health leaders and elected officials from the Latino Community that organically came together to form the Illinois Latino COVID-19 Initiative and say PRESENTE. Now more than ever, there is an urgency in strengthening our social safety nets, moving towards a comprehensive and inclusive agenda, having equitable resources in the Latino Community and most important bring awareness and be totally present in serving our gente during the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic that is robbing our community from precious life. This is an urgent call to action that will save lives

“A lot of Latinos work in restaurants and in the food industry. We know the CDC is promoting health guidelines, but a lot of that information isn’t reaching our community. It’s up to us to make it happen.”

Eddy Borrayo - Rincon Family Services President & CEO

Rincon Family Services - 2020