Substance Abuse

Walking the Path of Recovery with our clients

Our outpatient substance use program provides tools and guidance to help clients better understand addiction and define their own path to recovery. We are dedicated to giving our clients compassionate care in all areas of our specialty, including counseling, MAT(Medication Assisted Treatment), and Case Management.

Our services are bilingual and culturally relevant to individuals enrolled in opioid maintenance treatment which includes:

  • Methadone for treatment of physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Medical monitoring by staff physicians
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Toxicology testing

Assessments for services are available on a sliding scale fee to provide the best individual care options in accordance with financial needs and respect for privacy. Rincon does not turn away individuals based on financial status and ensures that all clients receive service regardless of their ability to pay.

This program is offered at the Rafael “Paloma” Rios Center at:

3809 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651

For more information about our programs and services, please call: (773) 276-0200.

Jose´s Story

Jose was struggling with an opiate addiction that disrupted his living situation and employment. His friends suggested he contacted Rincon Family Services. Our outreach specialist and recovery coach, Eddie Sanchez, met Jose in the community to share what services we offered. After starting substance use treatment at Rincon, Jose now has a Commercial Driver’s License and a stable job as a truck driver. He is on his way to having a home.

Substance Use 2

We Provide over 1,000 individuals per year with substance abuse treatment.

Integrating Evidence-Based and Innovative approaches to treatment.

Don’t wait until is too late! – 136 people die every day from an opioid overdose

  • Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans younger than 50 years old.
  • $215 billion in healthcare costs from 2001 to 2017 (emergency room / Naloxone)
  • 4 out of every 5 heroin users started their addiction by abusing prescription opioids
  • Highest rates occur in those under the age of 30 (29%)