Your safe space in the community!

This program offers a non-judgmental, no-ID-required, no-fee safe place where they community members can come and seek services and support for mental health challenges
Anyone who is 18 or older and is struggling emotionally is welcome at Rincon Family Services’ free facility. The facility is for people experiencing an emotional crisis, but it’s also for people who are simply having a bad day and need someone to talk.

The model recreates the living room in our homes by using comfortable furniture, soft colors, soft lighting, and inspiring artwork on the walls. This, along with reduced stimuli, should help Guests feel safe and at home. The space offers common areas where guests can socialize with others, as well as private space where guests can spend time by themselves or working with the team.

The Living Room will have the following rooms available for the use of Guests:

1) Private Space – A space where Guests will first meet with the Recovery Support Specialist and/or Qualified Mental Health Professional for an assessment to evaluate appropriateness for the program.

2) The Living Room – A common space where Guests can sit down and watch programming selected to help them keep calmed and relaxed.

3) Meditation Room – A space where Guests can retreat to for meditation, deep breathing, or to calm down. This space will have minimalistic furniture, electric candles, soft light, a water fountain, and other items conducive to relaxation, or for calming down.

4) Art Therapy Room – In this room, Guests can use art as a medium to express themselves, play board games, color in adult-themed coloring books, etc.

5) Gaming Room – Research shows that gaming is a powerful tool to reduce stress after a long day. In this room, Guests will be able to play selected games that can help them relax. We will also have computers in this area to be used by Guests for employment-related activities.

6) Library – Reading is also a great tool to escape from the stress of everyday life. In the Library, Guests will have a good selection of books and magazines at their disposal. There will also be board games for the use of Guests.

We will have a kitchenette area full with healthy snacks and beverages for those guests in need of nourishment. The facility will also have showers for the use of guests, and a washing machine/dryer where guests can wash their clothes if needed.

The Living Room will always be staffed by two Recovery Support Specialist and a Qualified Mental Health Professional. All will receive intensive training on various issues related to service provision, including Trauma-Informed Care, Active Listening, Motivational Interviewing, and other similar topics.

Hours of operation:

Mon – Fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm





Where are we located?

3710 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
For additional information, contact
Deborah Al-Waraqi
Program Director
(773) 564-9070 or